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08 July 2014 @ 12:24 pm
Bayven County - Porters Round 1  
  Sims2EP8 2014-07-07 13-07-16-24

I've finally had time to put this up! X)
Ruleset can be found here. I'm playing 4 households with a total of 6 founders.

Sims2EP8 2014-07-07 12-31-58-05

     India, a girl with a heart as almost as big as her ambitions came to this abandoned old town for one thing, and only one thing, fortune. Of course, this can't possibly be the only thing she wants out of becoming the mayor. She does want to help her twin brother, Alec Porter, realize that there is more to life than video games, playboy magazines, and farting. India, forcing her luggage shut, pulled her brother along by his shirt, and stepped on that rickety old plane to find a fortune for her own.

Sims2EP8 2014-07-07 12-19-23-21

Sims2EP8 2014-07-07 12-19-46-38

Sims2EP8 2014-07-07 12-20-28-05

Sims2EP8 2014-07-07 16-20-07-87

Sims2EP8 2014-07-07 16-20-26-49

Sims2EP8 2014-07-07 12-32-47-20

Sims2EP8 2014-07-07 12-33-09-04

India got right down to business and took out a loan for the Town Hall.

Sims2EP8 2014-07-07 12-34-54-33

Sims2EP8 2014-07-07 12-33-49-99

Told you... ;D

Sims2EP8 2014-07-07 13-10-10-55

The Porters headed off to the City Hall to see how they could start their new life.

Sims2EP8 2014-07-07 13-17-26-44

Sims2EP8 2014-07-07 13-17-51-94

Alec runs a electronics store, while India runs a small boutique within the Town Hall.

Sims2EP8 2014-07-07 13-18-25-25

it just rained X)

Sims2EP8 2014-07-07 13-18-54-17

Mitchell Royle, another founder, decided to stop by.

Sims2EP8 2014-07-07 13-26-37-34

Sims2EP8 2014-07-07 13-26-41-72

A lot of autonomous dancing goes on in this small hallway between the two shops. India is a very serious dancer. ;)

Sims2EP8 2014-07-07 13-41-28-26

Sims2EP8 2014-07-07 13-50-18-57

Sims2EP8 2014-07-07 13-50-25-01

Faith Fields shows up and her and Alec just start hitting it off.

Sims2EP8 2014-07-07 13-53-47-52

They actually had a great date just by staying at the Town Hall and interacting with each other. :)

Sims2EP8 2014-07-07 13-59-39-96

Sims2EP8 2014-07-07 14-04-00-60

Did I ever mention Faith was a romance sim? :/

Sims2EP8 2014-07-07 14-08-36-69

practicing for Faith ;)

Sims2EP8 2014-07-07 14-24-29-77

Sims2EP8 2014-07-07 14-25-55-95

Shy sims are have the cutest/most awkward dance style.

Sims2EP8 2014-07-07 14-53-08-01

Sims2EP8 2014-07-07 15-09-39-79

Sims2EP8 2014-07-07 15-14-19-41

More dancing, and I very guy India meets has just one bolt with her and that just can't do.

Sims2EP8 2014-07-07 15-16-25-36

And then...this happened someone thought cooking hot dogs and leaving them on the grill was a good idea. Anyways, India extinguished the fire and all was well.

Sims2EP8 2014-07-07 15-17-13-54

Sims2EP8 2014-07-07 15-24-02-43

These two are super adorable together. <3

Sims2EP8 2014-07-07 15-26-30-69

Yet another avoidable fire, but NOOOO my sims don't play attention to their cooking.

Sims2EP8 2014-07-07 15-47-26-45

In brighter news, Alec fell in love with Faith.

Sims2EP8 2014-07-07 16-56-11-04

ACR decided to take over after that...

Sims2EP8 2014-07-07 18-29-58-04

India finally met a sim she had more than one bolt with. This is Mervin. He's a strange looking sim, but I think if I fix him up he'll look decent. :)

Sims2EP8 2014-07-07 18-32-10-82

Sims2EP8 2014-07-07 19-41-14-34

If having two fires wasn't enough, we also had a burglar. I mean, this has to be some kind of BACC record for how many fires and burglaries happen in one round. Right?

*After Notes*

- I was really surprised that Faith and Alec had chemistry, but Faith is a romance sim and we all know she's eventually going to work her way around town.

- I hope my pictures are okay. I'm getting used to the livejournal quality photos and trying to adjust to that.

Town Hall: Rank 3
deedee_simsdeedee_sims on July 8th, 2014 06:34 pm (UTC)
So many drama! I love your pics, and can't wait for more :D
Lyndseyslyndsey on July 8th, 2014 08:17 pm (UTC)
Wow, lot's of drama the first update! I love the city hall, very nice. :)
(It's a lot more work, but if you upload your photos to photobucket first then manually add them to the post, the picture quality is a lot better.)
simmi_samisimmi_sami on July 9th, 2014 12:35 am (UTC)
K, thanks. I'll have to try that. :)
(Deleted comment)
simmi_samisimmi_sami on July 12th, 2014 05:59 pm (UTC)
Thanks! :) Ik this last round has been extremely hectic.