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29 June 2014 @ 07:55 pm
BACC Ruleset - Mara's Edited Rules  
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Here are rules that maranatah wonderfully made. To fit my style of play, anything I took out is just gone and anything I add is italicized.

Starting Out:

- Start with a new, empty neighborhood terrain. It may be a Eaxis pre-made or custom, or you can download a custom Neighborhood from sites like MTS.
- Create a random number of settlers (use the dice, random integrer or just decide by yourself from 1-6 families: either single sims or couples) to start populating your city. You can use any kind of sims, meaning that also downloaded sims are allowed. Or you can make your settlers yourself. Your settlers can look however you want them to look, so get creative! ;) Settlers can have any aspiration and personality you choose.
- In order to make progress you'll need to have a mayor in your hood. This can be a CAS sim or a sim you've downloaded. The Mayor is there to collect taxes and optionally be also the banker of the city. Mayor can work at home or you can build a City Hall for them.
- Adding CAS sims goes by the same rules as in the original challenge: from every owned business lot you'll get an option to add new CAS playable to your hood.
- You must play each family the same amount of sim-days. It doesn't matter in what order you play them, but they must age in sync.
- Houses: You can build them yourself or use pre-build houses, no restrictions here :) Of course, building from scratch is always encouraged.
- Community lots: Same as with residential lots. However, community lots must be owned by playable sims (with couple of exceptions,see below). So your sims may only visit owned community lots.

You are free to add a un-owned grocery store or kiosk to your hood if you have a sim who runs a similar store. This is because the owner of grocery store can't buy groceries from their own store (stupid, I know!). This un-owned shop is only for that family, all other playables must buy their food from the owned business lot.
The other exception is the Fire Station, more info in Career rules.
- In the beginning you cannot use services by phone, with the exception of Pet Adoption Center and Taxi. So no pizza, chinese food, maids, repairmen, butlers etc. Using a nanny is only allowed if there's absolutely no other way of preventing kids from being taken by social worker. Also calling the Police or Fire Department are allowed only if you do one or both of the following actions:

1. Have a playable sim who sells fire or/and burglar alarms at their business (on a community lot, so you can take other playables there)
2. Build a community lot for the profession (Police Station and Fire Station.

Note: Alarms can only be bought from a playable business lot, not from the buy mode!

You can create custom townies in CAS, spawn them with testingcheats or add downloaded sims as townies. If you want to, you can also use Eaxis townies.

- No standard Eaxis careers! This means that your sims have to make money either by owning businesses, craft items, dig for treasure, grow products, fish, paint or have any other non-standard jobs. You can also use few custom careers: stay-at-home parent and Base Game's NPC careers (such as a firefighter, police, social worker etc.). However, these are exceptions and can be used only according to these rules:

1. Stay-at-home parent career can be used at any time. It's especially helpful is your single sim gets pregnant and doesn't have their own business yet.
2. Base game's NPC careers can only be used, if you build a community lot for the career. For example, in order to have a sim working as a firefighter you must build a Fire Station! The Fire Station doesn't have to be an owned community lot, but Police Station has to be either owned business or residential lot (that's the only way you can keep prisoners in your jail). There can be any amount of playables in an NPC career.

Adding subhoods requires tax funds.

University = 100 000§
Shopping District = 150 000§
Downtown = 200 000§


Retirement Home = 50 000§
Orphanage = 30 000§
Teen Center = 35 000§

The social worker at the Orphanage can be a playable or semi-playable (played only when needed) sim. You can build or download a house for this purpose. The Orphanage is funded by the City (=tax refunds and donations, plus a child bonus: 200 § / baby or toddler, 300 §/ child and 400 §/ teen). Payments will be send from the City funds once a week/round. The children coming to the orphanage can be added by spawning them with Tombstone of L&D. You can also set your own rules for playable sims giving babies up for adoption, if the pregnancies are unwanted (for example: if your sim doesn't roll a want to have a baby before they give birth, if the pregnancy is resulted by risky woohoo or alien abduction. You will have to keep the Orphanage in sync with the rest of the families (play with it the same amount of days as rest of the households). Children aged up at the orphanage (teens-adults) may be turned into townies or you can make let them join the rest of the playables the same way as new CAS sims.If a playable sim or couple wants to adopt, you can invite or spawn them to the lot and let them interact with their potential child/children. When it's time to adopt, use Sim Blender (or similar hack object) to give the child up for adoption. Then make the parent/parents call to the adoption agency (by phone Services > Adoption Center) and the child they chose will come to the lot with a social worker. Your sim's want to adopt/have a child will be fulfilled and the child will get new family ties and the family last name.

Retirement Home:
Build it your own or download a house. This will be (obviously) a residential lot. You can have a Manager who lives with the elders or elders can live there by themselves. If the elder is living with their family before going to Retirement Home, family members must pay 5 000 § per elder to the City in order to move their elder(s) in. Otherwise moving into Retirement Home is free. The retirement household will pay taxes just like any other households in the hood. The institution is funded by donations from the community (individual sims who have loads of extra cash) and 500 § per elder at the end of every week/round from the city funds.Elders living in retirement home can continue crafting, painting, fishing etc. but it should be done as a hobby, not just to make money, and they can't own businesses or work as employees on other business lots. This is a RETIREMENT home after all! If your elder sim owns a business, you can make them turn it over to younger relatives or sell it back to the community before they come to the retirement home or soon after. If an elder sim sells their business to the community, the money must be directed to the City funds.


Studying at the university costs YA's 1 000§ per year (500 § per semester = total of 4 000§ for the whole 4 years). This money goes to the city funds. Students living in dorm or their own houses/apartments will also have to pay taxes in every round. They can gain extra money by working at the cafeteria, DJ or by crafting, painting, fishing etc. They can also own their own businesses and gain funds for their college expenses that way.

Each household must pay taxes to the City bank (that is, the Mayor's) account. Taxes must be paid once a week/per round.

An example of the tax amounts:
Household funds under 35K = 10% taxes
Household funds from 35K to 150K = 15 % taxes
Household funds over 150K = 20% taxes
Lyndseyslyndsey on June 30th, 2014 01:27 am (UTC)
I'm so excited for your bacc!
simmi_samisimmi_sami on June 30th, 2014 03:18 am (UTC)
Thanks! I'm also very excited. Your BACC has inspired me so much. I just love Valdell and it's so gorgeous. :)